Work With Us

We own and operate 12 properties and over 2 million square feet of real estate across Metro Phoenix. We are in pursuit of innovative experts and passionate visionaries who are committed to creating a lively, safe, and successful community for our tenants, patrons, and fellow team members.

Perks of Joining YAM Properties

  • Competitive holiday and PTO allowance
  • 401K plans
  • Opportunity to learn from other committed cohorts
  • Staff socials

A Little Bit About Us

YAM Properties was founded by well-known businessman, philanthropist and golf nut, Bob Parsons. His core values comprise the fibers that connect us. Our success is determined by our commitment to:

  • Innovation: Get and stay out of your comfort zone. Always be moving forward.
  • Empowerment: Never give up. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. You’ll find that by producing your own solutions, you’ll develop a competitive edge.
  • Integrity: Our team is guided by and entirely embraces professionalism and integrity

Community Focused

Fostering a Welcome & Vibrant Environment


Emphasizes the importance of actively engaging with & contributing to the communities surrounding our properties. As well as the community of people within YAM Properties itself. We strive to empower individuals & cultivate a shared sense of pride & belonging.


Highlights our dedication to industry knowledge & proficiency in property management. We believe in staying up to date with industry trends, continuously learning & honing our skills to provide the highest level of service.


Through collaboration we leverage collective skills, identify innovative solutions & foster a sense of shared ownership & accountability. By promoting these values, we aim to build a strong & productive partnership with our clients & stakeholders.

Find Your Fit at YAM Properties

Work with Locals, with a National Perspective

Our approach to commercial real estate – combining the advantages of local expertise with a broader national mindset. We understand the significance of understanding the nuances & intricacies of a local market, while also recognizing the potential benefits of a broader perspective that encompasses national trends & opportunities. So what are you waiting for? Apply today & join the team!